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A great site to get the latest news, videos and alerts when news happens
Another good news site for a different perspective on world news
Flipboard Pages offers a simple new way for publishers to automatically render select content in a beautiful, engaging layout on the iPad. Flipboard has also announced a handful of publishers whose content has already been enabled via Flipboard Pages including ABC News, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Lonely Planet, SB Nation, SF Gate, Uncrate and The Washington Post Magazine. When an article from one of those publishers is shared on Twitter or Facebook, a Flipboard user can simply hit “Read Article” on an excerpt or double-tap while browsing a section to get a delightful magazine-style reading experience.
It is a personalized magazine for iPhone and iPad that gets smarter as you use it. There are 100s ot topics to choose from and Zite will search the internet for recently published articles.


Discovery Streaming videos
Want to watch your streaming videos from Discovery? They have a special mobile site that allows you to watch videos that are typically Flash. The interface is slightly different, but very easy to use.
Look up a topic and it will troll the internet for everything related to that topic.
Encyclopedia Britannica-
Check out either the app with limited access or the purchased books for REMC 13 members.
Download the app for quick searching
Khan Mobile-

Stream and download the popular curricular Khan Academy videos. Once downloaded students can easily watch the video on their phone or iPad to help them with their homework and/or to learn about a topic.


Download this free application to check out books for free from the Capital Area District Library. You will need a library card to download a book.

Watch over 1100 TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) videos. These are riveting videos meant to engage you on innovative topics. The speakers are chosen for their ability to stimulate thinking and educate you on various subjects.
Download the free bookmarklet on your PC and download the App on your iPad. When you find an interesting article on your PC, save it to Read Later and it will be saved on your iPad too for reading at your leasure.
News on gadgets and technology
Download this free dictionary app so that you can carry your own dictionary around!
The app is free, but you do have to purchase the majority of the magazines. It is a great way to purchase and organize magazine subscriptions.